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The power of enzymes, without their limitations.

Building on breakthroughs in synthetic biology and nanotechnology, we are re-imagining enzymes from first principles, developing catalysts with unparalleled performance and control for use in industrial biomanufacturing.


We develop next-generation catalysts to enable the low-carbon value chains of tomorrow.

With our unique technology, biomanufacturers are able to overcome the fundamental limitations of enzymes, opening up a universe of possibility.

Highly targeted

Highly efficient

High quality & reliable end products

Sustainable reactions


Unlike most enzymes, our catalysts work in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and pH.


Compared to complex and delicate enzyme structures, our catalysts are simple to re-engineer for a wide range of use cases.

The value chains of tomorrow.

We are on a mission to unlock the power of biomanufacturing and enable the transition to sustainable, lower-carbon value chains.

Unlocking next-generation biomanufacturing...

Biorefinery & Biochemicals

Biomaterials & bioplastics


Personal & Home Care


Reach out to learn more.

We are working closely with leading organisations in our value chains to develop novel sustainable solutions.


Rheinsberger Str. 76/77
10115 Berlin, Germany
+31 6 3104234

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